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November 10, 2003

Campaign for the Mind of America: Partners in Recovery

The public mental health crisis, created by half a century of failed policy and promises, continues to worsen. Individuals living with serious mental disorders are denied treatments and services that provide opportunity for the recovery of a full community life. This public health discrimination against 18 million adults living with serious mental illnesses and 8.1 million children is producing negative ramifications and costly outcomes.

Responsible community leaders who daily see the disruptive loss in healthy community functioning are joining in NAMI's Campaign for the Mind of America.

Leadership partners from the education, business, overall healthcare and law enforcement fields put the challenge for change before America on Monday, November 10, from the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Among these respected leaders are representatives from:

National Association of Counties

"NAMI/NACo partnership calls for changes in mental health services"

American College of Emergency Physicians

National Association of Police Organizations

National Medical Association 

Association of Academic Health Centers

Child Welfare League of America

National Association of City and County Health Officials

National Association of Social Workers

Society for Adolescent Medicine

The Campaign will work to bring these partnerships into effective strength in the state and local arenas as the work together rolls out across the nation.