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Examining our Mental Health System

Recent news and other national tragedies have resulted in important examinations of our nation’s mental health system. Along with working with our nation's leaders and holding discussions about how to improve mental health care it is important to look at all of the underlying causes that lead to these events and look at how we can prevent them in the future as well as providing resources and care for all of those affected.

When such tragedies occur, all Americans are deeply affected. That includes the approximately 60 million adults who live with mental illness. Their reaction and that of their families is much like that of everyone else: feelings of anger and anguish. Most people living with mental illness are not violent, but when violence is a risk, we all want a system that can prevent future tragedies—without stigma or discrimination.

Over the past year, NAMI has engaged in advocacy and worked with news media to focus on a broad range of issues that flowed from the Newtown tragedy. Policymakers, news media and the general public can use this content as a resource for revisiting or more closely examining such issues. It also offers a measurement of progress made in honoring the memories of those whose lives were lost and directions for the future.

Family Education and Support

Mental illness affects everyone and families are uniquely impacted. Access to family education and support must be part of the response to any tragedy.

NAMI Resources for Families:

A National Dialogue on Mental Health is Launched

On June 3 2013, the White House Conference on Mental Health launched a national dialogue on mental illness, sparking an array of activities building local agendas for action.

Additional Resources


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