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StigmaBusting Network
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NAMI Campaign to End Discrimination
January 23, 2002

Contact Information:

Ms. Stella March

NAMI StigmaBusters, with its dedicated advocates across the country and around the world, are successfully fighting the pervasive and hurtful stigma that exists toward persons with mental illness -and- also commending print media, TV and films that send accurate messages to the public.

NAMI StigmaBusters now number 8,500. Numbers do count, so let your voice be heard.



Breaking News:

A Beautiful Mind Received Four Golden Globe Awards.

Best PictureA Beautiful Mind
Best ActorRussell Crowe
Best Supporting ActresJennifer Connelly
Best ScreenplayAkiva Goldsman
ALERT: Please send Ron Howard, the Director, who really understands mental illness from the John Nash, Jr. biography and "put it all together" to make it the BEST PICTURE - APPRECIATION AND CONGRATULATIONS FOR A TRULY GREAT ACHIEVEMENT. Let him know you are a member of the NAMI family. His address is:

Imagine Entertainment
9465 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills CA 90210
FAX: (310) 858 -2020


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  2. "A Beautiful Mind" Becomes More Beautiful
  3. Cartalk Talks Back
  4. Lack Of Insurance Coverage??
  5. NAMI Consumers Bust Stigma
  6. From My Inbox

    1. A Beautiful Mind Becomes More Beautiful

      The Broadcast Film Critics Association has awarded A Beautiful Mind with best picture, best actor (Russell Crowe), best supporting actress (Jennifer Connelly), and awarded a tie for best director to Ron Howard. Friends of the Library at University of Southern California, where many Hollywood writers, directors and producers study their craft, have awarded a double scripter award to biographer Sylvia Nasar, and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman.

      Here's What NAMI Has To Say

    2. Cartalk Talks Back

      Following is the final response from Louie Cronin, co-producer of NPR's Cartalk:

      Dear Stella,

      We want to apologize again for the material you found offensive on our program. Humor is, by its nature, very subjective. What one person finds funny, another finds troubling. But we now understand why you found our piece on Christmas Carols inappropriate and will factor that information into any future comments we make concerning these subjects. We are opting not to make further comments on the issue on our program. We believe that the issues surrounding mental illness are serious ones, and that there are many journalistic programs in existence that can do much more justice to the complexities of the issue, and the positions you advocate than we can as a humor program. We have apologized to every listener who has written to complain about our choice of remarks, and we believe that is sufficient in this case. We do appreciate the information you've provided to us about mental illness and the issues that surround it, and we can assure you we will be more sensitive to material that goes on the air in the future.

      Thank you,

    3. Lack Of Insurance Coverage??

      NAMI wants to hear from you. Tell us your story

    4. NAMI Consumers Bust Stigma

      NAMI has named one of its premiere education programs-in which consumers with mental illnesses speak directly to community audiences about their experiences with brain disorders, treatment and recovery-in honor of In Our Own Voice, a documentary produced independently by Idaho Public Television (IDPTV) with funding from the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.

      What People Say About In Our Own Voice: Living With Mental Illness

    5. From My Inbox

      • We appreciate the many messages from participants, consumers, families, providers, and professionals, who forward these alerts to others and share their concerns.

      • NAMI StigmaBuster alerts require at least five reports with complete information about the date, time, network, program, ad, etc. Additionally, as our guidelines indicate: we do not deal with Internet web sites, which have no official oversight, UNLESS they represent credible business organizations.

      • Kudos to the many StigmaBusters who have dealt directly with their local radio station, newspaper or company for sponsoring offensive situations and getting them busted.

      • With "A Beautiful Mind" giving us such a beautiful boost, we will continue to commend all media that provide accurate coverage and portrayals of persons with mental illness, and condemn those who offer offensive stereotypes.

      With much appreciation and thanks for your beautiful messages and support.

      Stella March, Coordinator
      NAMI StigmaBusters Email Alert

      New! Receive stigma alerts via e-mail! Click here to learn how you can join NAMI's stigma alert list to receive regular stigma alerts.

      We look forward to hearing from you!

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