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NAMI StigmaBuster Alert: May 21, 2009

SoloistSpeak Out: The Soloist

Have you seen the The Soloist yet? The film has sparked conversations in communities across the country—and opened minds. If you have seen it, write a short letter to the editor of your local newspaper or organize a discussion group at a local library about the book and film. Share your views.

NAMI has launched special Web site around the movie as part of a social action campaign with Participant Media. The film is based on the true story of Nathaniel Ayers, a street musician living in Skid Row, and his friendship with Steve Lopez, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

NAMI will show the movie on Wednesday, July 7 at its national convention in San Francisco. Meanwhile, through the Web site:

  • Watch The Soloist trailer
  • Test your schizophrenia knowledge
  • Listen to NAMI’s medical director
  • Learn more about NAMI’s education programs
  • Alert state and national elected officials to NAMI’s advocacy goals
  • Register for a local NAMIWalk to help fight stigma

Mental TV showMENTAL: May 26

On Tuesday, May 26 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT), FOX-TV will air the pilot episode of Mental, a "medical mystery drama" in which a new director of mental health services shakes up other psychiatrists at a Los Angeles hospital through “unorthodox methods” in treating psychiatric conditions and promoting recovery. The full series is scheduled to begin in July. A series can’t be judged on a single episode, but NAMI will be interested in receiving comments.

NAMIWalks logoNAMIWalks: May 30-31 and Beyond

They’ve already begun! More than 100,000 walkers are participating in this year’s NAMIWalks in communities across the country—a tenfold increase from just a few years ago! Walkers hope to raise an estimated $8.5 million for local NAMI programs.

Seven walks will be held on May 30-31 alone; three in the summer; and 25 in the fall, including Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Please walk to help fight stigma or contribute to a walker’s goal. If no walk is scheduled in your area, then please tell family and friends who live in communities where there are. If your state has held its walk already, it’s still not too late to help. Contributions to walker goals can be accepted up to 30 days after the event.

Boston University logoPhotovoices: Comments Wanted

Beyond the Shadows of Stigma is an 8-minute online video based on a 2007 gallery showing of a "Photovoice" project sponsored by Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR). Photovoice puts cameras in the hands of individuals living with mental illnesses and asked them to produce interviews and pictures to communicate their experience with stigma. CPR welcomes comments from viewers.

Out of the Inbox

Because of the large number of StigmaBuster messages received, they cannot all be answered individually; however, we appreciate every e-mail and do review every stigma report and prioritize them for action.

We also appreciate receiving copies of responses. They are important in helping to coordinate strategy and pursue genuine dialogue. You are our eyes and ears! Your help makes a difference!

Please send reports of stigma to Stella March.

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