NAMI Gift Guide

2021 NAMI Gift Guide

Awe Inspired is a fine jewelry company celebrating the triumphs of all individuals. Gifting Awe says: “I’m in Awe of you.” Wearing Awe says: “I’m alive and empowered.” All Awe pieces are made from the finest precious metals and are made to last a lifetime, like Awe’s Statement Gift Pack featuring a diamond signet ring and cursive Awe gold necklace.

Select “NAMI” at check-out and 20% of your purchase will be donated to NAMI, resulting in a minimum contribution of $10,000 from Awe annually. Celebrate love and life with these stunning pieces from Awe’s jewelry collection.

Bearaby has combined the best of sleep science with innovative design and sustainable materials to create all-natural, filler-free weighted blankets. The company is on a mission is to help people sleep and feel better, including the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. Bearaby is raising awareness for mental health and has partnered with NAMI to donate $1 for every Napper purchased to support the NAMI HelpLine. To experience Bearaby, please visit

GIANTmicrobes are health and science products for education and spreading awareness. GIANTmicrobes gets both children and adults talking about mental health with our plush representations of anxiety and depression.

GIANTmicrobes are unique teaching tools and gifts for students, scientists, educators, doctors, nurses, psychologists, public health officials, healthcare professionals, friends and loved ones. Share the facts, boost confidence, and help adults and children become familiar with important health issues.

Items include: Antibody, Brain Cell, Common Cold, DNA, E.coli, Blood Cells and other microbial favorites, and new additions such as Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Migraine, Dopamine, Serotonin, Brain, Heart and 20 other organs. Each product includes a printed information card with educational material about the specific microbe, organ or health topic for added value. Cheer up friends, decorate your home, class, lab or office, and spread the facts about mental health and science everywhere you go with GIANTmicrobes!

NAMI is proud to partner with Lasting Smiles® lip care — created to care for people and the planet. Select "NAMI" at check-out and 50% of your lip balm purchase price will be donated to NAMI.

Lasting Smiles lip balms are formulated with botanical, organically-certified, fair trade ingredients and made with sustainable materials.

Every Lasting Smiles lip care product comes with a secret, empowering self-care message sure to make you smile, especially knowing that your purchase helps support NAMI. Learn more about Lasting Smiles Organic Lip Balm and Lip Care here.

Mantrabands are simple, elegant bracelets with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message; promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. Mantraband's CharityBands™ line of bracelets support charities that create a positive impact on women’s and children’s issues. NAMI-supporting Mantrabands include the message "Self-Care Isn't Selfish" and are available in silver, gold and rose gold.

Introducing the new Sun & Moon Charm in Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Vermeil; an ode to the cycle of darkness and light. A reminder to honor the cycles within our own lives, the joys and the challenges that each offer their own specialness and beauty.

50% of proceeds from the Sun & Moon Charm benefits mental health causes.

“Almost every family in America faces a mental health challenge at some point, and my family is no exception. We must remove the stigma and continue to educate ourselves so that we see the signs when someone is struggling and are empowered to offer support. And we can and will save lives by doing so.” - Kendra Scott

Eternal Rainbows is a family “business” created in memory of their light lost, Isaiah Moorefield, who lost his battle to depression by suicide in 2018. The Moorefield Family since then has created a way to share Isaiah’s light with others while advocating to break the stigma on mental health.

Eternal Rainbows was formed through the act of giving “light” by rainbows through suncatchers. It has grown through the act of giving by others and now offers more ways to give back through a variety of uplifting and positive gift items. Every time you choose NAMI as your donation selection, Eternal Rainbows will give back $1.00 to NAMI to support Mental Health Awareness.

Through an abundance of empathy and human connection, we can light up the world.

At Conscious Step, we support people and the planet with every purchase. You can count on us for supreme comfort, ethical and sustainable production, and designs that make you smile; all while empowering nonprofits to support their causes and communities. Our wide range of super soft socks and cozy sweatshirts means there's a style for you or anyone on your list. These gifts give back as well as give the gift of coziness — there’s truly nothing better.

Conscious Step is proud to partner with NAMI on our collection of socks and sweatshirts that support mental health. These gentle designs in calming blue hues are a great reminder to pause and reflect on your own state of mind. A portion of every sale from this collection is donated to NAMI to support our shared mission to provide mental health resources to those in need.