Heidi Guglielmino

Director, Data Integration
Internal Strategy and Support

Heidi Guglielmino is committed to raising mental health awareness and reducing stigma, recognizing how much these factors contribute to the challenges faced by individuals and families dealing with mental health conditions. During her career, Heidi has developed research programs, designed data collection environments and helped organizations maximize the value of their data assets. 

At NAMI, she ensures that the systems, measures and outcomes related to data and insights consider the whole organization and are designed for maximum impact. She holds a B.A. in Colonial-American culture from The College of William and Mary and an MBA from The American University.

What piece of your work at NAMI are you most proud of?

The people who work at NAMI are incredibly talented and our dedication to helping others is second-to-none. The work I do increases the effectiveness of the work we all do by measuring the impact of our programs and providing information to help guide our efforts. 

What’s something about you that would surprise others?

I have lived in seven different countries and I eat my M&Ms and jelly beans in color order. Actually, given that I work with data, the M&M thing may not be all the surprising. 

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