Intervene Early

NAMI fights for policies to ensure people get help early. Half of all mental illness begins by age 14; 75% by age 24. Early intervention can get people on the path of recovery, but there are typically long delays before people get the treatment they need. Accelerating research and making mental health care more accessible are key strategies to ensuring early intervention.

Integrating Behavioral and Physical Health

teen in doctor

​NAMI supports coordinated care models that integrate physical and mental health services. Physical and mental health integration have been shown to improve patient outcomes, save money and reduce mental health stigma.


Mental Health in Schools

kids and counselor school

NAMI believes that public and private elementary, middle and high schools should provide and/or facilitate the provision of appropriate mental health services to our nation’s children.


Mental Health Screening


NAMI strongly supports early mental health screening. Early mental health screening should take place in a primary care doctor’s office or in school.