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Hitting the Streets: Engaging People When and Where It’s Needed Most

Oct. 09, 2014

As the Executive Director of NAMI, I get many heartbreaking emails and take NAMI HelpLine calls about individuals who are not doing well and families who are suffering with their loved one. Much of the conversation in the mental health community regarding these situations has focused on the poor outcomes, including criminalization, emergency room boarding and homelessness.

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Criminalization of Mental Illness: It’s a Crime

Aug. 27, 2014

Today, 1 in 5 people in jails and prisons in this country live with a mental illness. About 70 percent of youth in the juvenile justice system have a mental health condition. This criminalization of mental illness is tragic and it’s wrong.

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Setting the Record Straight

Aug. 07, 2014

As Congress goes into its August recess, it has yet to act on legislative proposals to improve mental health care in the U.S.  Nearly two years after the Sandy Hook elementary school tragedy in Newtown, Conn. focused attention on the nation’s broken mental health system, there has been much discussion in Congress about how to improve mental health care but very little resolution.    

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May Is Mental Health Month

Apr. 29, 2014

NAMI works every day to raise awareness and educate the public about mental illness. The month of May is a time when we can join forces to make a bigger statement by observing Mental Health Month. Each year NAMI provides support, educates the public and advocates for equal care for the millions of Americans affected by illness—and each year the movement grows stronger. In 2013, President Obama proclaimed May as National Mental Health Awareness Month and brought the issue of mental health to the forefront of our thoughts.

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Medication Choice Provides Greater Hope

Mar. 03, 2014

There is no one path to recovery.

One size does not fit all.

These sometimes are hard facts to accept, because they mean there are no simple answers; however, they are still a source of hope for people living with mental illness

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Here's What People Are Saying

Feb. 05, 2014

Last month, in my first blog entry as NAMI’s new executive director, I wrote that I was deliberately spending much of my time listening to NAMI members and others and learning from them. So far, it has been an energizing process.

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I’m New on the Job. So Why NAMI? Why Now?

Jan. 13, 2014

This is my first blog entry as NAMI’s new executive director and my second full week on the job. In starting my new job, I am deliberately spending much of my time listening to NAMI members and others and learning from them.

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