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FEB. 09, 2015

I’m excited to announce that NAMI launched its new website last week, a project two years in the making. We made this change so information would be much easier to find and you can get the help you need much more easily.

Every year, nami.org receives approximately 10 million visits from people who are looking for resources on mental health conditions, support for themselves and their families, and ways to get involved. Making sure we easily connect people with the content and support they need is essential to building a larger American movement and changing the landscape for people and families affected by mental illness—from stigma to research. That’s why we’ve also made it much easier to engage in volunteer activities.

During the past 2 years, NAMI staff collected data and tapped web experts to craft a digital strategy and site design that offered the highest level of engagement and ease of use. We conducted surveys with internal staff, NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates, our Facebook, Twitter and web communities and NAMI National Convention attendees. We also tallied up hours of user testing, where people tested navigating the site, through volunteers and convention attendees.

For our NAMI state and affiliate leaders, we have moved content that is more specialized for your work to a password-protected extranet, which houses all the internal documents needed for you to help the millions of Americans across the country who are affected by mental illness.

To read more about the process, you can read a Q&A session with NAMI’s Director of Publishing, Courtney Reyers, who was a member of the core team overseeing our web project. You’ll also be able to see NAMI’s editorial style guide and web governance handbook in that blog post.

The site you see today is just the beginning. Over the coming months and years, we’ll be adding more content and great web features to allow people to better connect with NAMI all over the country—as well as with each other. Please be patient with us as we make this big transition.

It’s so true that together, we make a difference. In 2015, it’s essential to have a strong digital presence to help build a movement by reaching more people in the ways they like to communicate. I invite you to leave feedback on the new site, so please take our web survey or feel free to contact us on nami.org—your valuable input will help us shape our web presence as we move down this exciting road.


MAR, 08, 2015 07:32:30 AM
I agree that I miss the ability to download and print some basic info sheets - was so handy when talking with individuals.

FEB, 24, 2015 03:20:11 PM
Laurie Shannon
One piece of advice for parents of almost 18 and 18+ year olds...Ask your child to put you on her or his HIPAA form so that the doctors will actually speak with you. When my daughter was involuntarily hospitalized I was able to gently manipulate her by telling her I couldn't help unless she signed a paper giving me permission to discuss her with the treatment staff. It will save so much time and heartache. Now even my daughter with no brain disorder has her father and me on her HIPAA form as authorized to talk with her doctor, because you just never know what can happen.

FEB, 14, 2015 02:02:38 PM
Claudia Davis
I am disappointed that many of the brochures which could be downloaded and printed from the web site are now only available in bulk purchase. Also other excellent resources like the sections on first episode psychosis are now not on the site.

FEB, 12, 2015 07:56:42 PM
Mary Laura Radcliffe
Does NAMI offer any type of support for those with mental illness who are constantly dealing with Long Term Disability trying to always trying to go back to work, especially when the psychiatrist has to also convince them that you cannot go back to work

FEB, 11, 2015 05:47:29 PM
Mary Ann Renz
Where is NAMI's mission statement that the original board members approved. I was a early NAMI member a.d helped established the state organization in Mississippi when Laurie Flynn and Lynne Saunders came to Mississippi. I also after suggesting to natonal president that we should adop NAMI as our name and all states adopt that name addung their state name such as NANI Mississippi NAMI Texas and so on. When came time to vote I was asked to givee the speech for changing the name which I did and it obviously passed. Why is NAMI not supporting Congressman Murphy's bill for the most neglectled, devastated, and serioudly lll? NAMI should be leading the way. Disappointing!

FEB, 11, 2015 06:37:52 AM
Jeffrey Peterson
Great Job NAMI,
I ll pass this to my friends on facebook.

FEB, 11, 2015 06:09:12 AM
I would like to learn moré from You !!

FEB, 11, 2015 01:45:04 AM
Faye Jordan
im so glad to see the newsletter. It will save me from spending time trying to see dates of events etc. thank you for all the trouble and expense.

FEB, 10, 2015 07:57:26 PM
Greg Barber
I am excited to see that you have created a website. My son, Neil Barber, has schizophrenia and started to improve dramatically after I created neilswheelsny.com and asked his high school friends to become Facebook friends on our website. I three weeks, we had over 150 of his classmates online interacting with Neil.

This brought him back to his days before his illness, and he felt then and now so much better.

So, I believe you will see a huge difference from your followers.

Greg Barber

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