Sometimes All You Need is a Bit of Air

APR. 06, 2016

By Luna Greenstein

It's easy to feel down or to become disconnected when going through a challenging time, especially when you feel like your challenges with mental health are unrelatable to others around you, or if you are a family member or caregiver struggling to find support for someone who is challenged with a mental health condition(s).

Connecting with others who share similar mental health experiences or others that acknowledge the complex task of supporting someone undergoing mental health struggles can make a huge difference. Modern technology and NAMI have made this easy with our free mobile app: NAMI AIR

The app is designed to support individuals living with a mental health condition(s) and caregivers/family members who wish to connect with and inspire others by sharing their mental health experiences. After downloading the app, you can choose either individual or caregiver/family member and NAMI AIR will optimize your experience based on your selection by offering content most appropriate for you. NAMI AIR also makes it easy to express your feelings about a particular story through reactions. When you feel a connection, you can either “like,” “hug,” or “me too” to show your support.

NAMI AIR stands for Anonymous, Inspiring and Relatable— these essentials make support for mental health through online interactions, in NAMI AIR, successful. You can engage safely with the mental health community without having to worry about discrimination or stigma.

If you are someone experiencing mental health symptoms or someone experiencing challenges with mental health and feel that you need additional support beyond NAMI AIR, the app provides access to the NAMI HelpLine from within the app for assistance in finding resources.

Download the app here.


APR, 26, 2018 03:07:13 PM
Take a deep breath. You will be fine. No matter who you are or what you look like, I love you. And many others do as well. Have a eventful day. My blessings- Yasmine Maldonado

FEB, 09, 2018 09:20:09 AM
Is this still available?

FEB, 20, 2017 03:46:56 PM
Philip b
I am 61 years now, live alone and have bipolar, heart disease, and schizophrenia. My sleep hours become irregular every couple of months. I live on disability so working, isn t part of my plan. I get lonely slot, and feel isolated. I 've tried the Senior Center, here and am considering returning. Any suggestions ?

DEC, 31, 2016 10:15:58 PM
Needs to be a web portal for those homeless BC of their illness....too many homeless need this access, hope so they can gain insight into their illness. I have a loved one homeless BC of schizophrenia and lack of insight who is paranoid that this app would help. Do many of them goto libraries for access and scared of phones.

NOV, 03, 2016 11:15:34 PM
Margaret Herrmann

NOV, 03, 2016 11:14:26 PM
Margaret Herrmann
Thanks for being there. I'm hoping my son will give this site a chance.

APR, 28, 2016 08:31:25 AM
I could not find the app for my Windows Prone?

APR, 27, 2016 09:22:08 PM
I live with schizophrenia. However, I'm extremely recovered. I have a husband, a daughter, 19 years old now, I've been a homeowner for 12 years, and I live in a rural area on 4 wooded acres. We even have a pool in the backyard. I know some of the things I didpersonally to get so well, and I'd be glad to share with anyone who wants to know, How did you achieve such wellness? I'm writing a book on it & would welcome collaborative efforts from anybody in the community who wants to participate. We will all be paid according to what we contributed---

APR, 08, 2016 01:28:50 PM
Ethan Digby-New

APR, 06, 2016 01:44:14 PM
I have lived with bipolar since my early 20s Mental Illness is hereditary in my family, I'm 50 now, and am just starting to be ok with who I am. This is such a gift!

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