Why Crisis Intervention Training Should Be the Standard

By Ernie Stevens and Joe Smarro | Dec. 13, 2019
Crisis intervention training (CIT) educates officers on recognizing when individuals have mental illness and are symptomatic, de-escalating crises and navigating people toward resources and help. Learn more about CIT and why it should be implemented nationally. 

Preventing and Preparing for a Mental Health Crisis

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, NYCPS-P, CPRP | Dec. 09, 2019
Crisis is often the most difficult part of mental illness. However, if you know how to prevent a crisis, how to handle one and what to expect, it can make things easier for indiviudals and their family members during the hardest times. 

Talking Back to Scary Thoughts

By Robin Arnott | Dec. 06, 2019
"I am not suggesting that managing anxiety is that simple. My mental health will always be a work in progress, but I have found a tool that works for me."

Don’t Invalidate My Depression

By Julianna Vaughan | Dec. 02, 2019
"I repeatedly told the doctor of my struggles that continuously grew worse with each visit, but she blamed everything on my “deficiencies” and told me to come back in a month after buying $150+ worth of vitamins."