NAMI’s Top 10 Online Stories from 2014

JAN. 11, 2015

Top 10

Every week NAMI publishes articles and blogs about the latest research, advocacy breakthroughs, interviews with leading researchers, advice on how to manage a mental health condition and other topics of interest to our active and information hungry audience.

In 2015, don’t miss of our stories by signing up for our monthly newsletter NAMI Now. All you need to do is sign for a free account on But before we get too far into the New Year, here’s a look back at the most read stories from 2014.

  1. Should a Mental Illness Mean You Lose Your Kid? – Mindi has never harmed her daughter and is capably raising a son, but authorities took her daughter under a concept sometimes called “predictive neglect.”
  2. 60 Minutes: Here’s the Full Story – On Jan. 26, 60 Minutes aired "Nowhere to Go: Mentally Ill Youth in Crisis," to help bring attention to failures in the mental health care system and the effect on youth and families.
  3. What We Can Do about Depression – Robin Williams' passing reminds us that depression and suicide can affect everyone.
  4. Why Do Y’all Have Tattoos? – A simple question can have a much bigger impact than you'd expect.
  5. Trying to Unlock the Secrets of Schizophrenia – With new technology, scientists are taking a deeper look in the human genome to find the cause of schizophrenia.
  6. Stopping Schizophrenia in Its Tracks – When the right supports and services are available, tragedies can be prevented.
  7. NAMI Statement by Mary Giliberti: Reflecting on the Passing of Robin Williams – NAMI remembers the life Robin Williams and reminds us all how important it is to reach out and help one another.
  8. Federal Proposal to Limit Access to Psychiatric Medication Causes Concern – Proposed alterations to Medicare Part D could mean changes in the availability of medication for individuals with mental illness.
  9. Hyperbole and a Half Draws a Unique Picture of Depression – Allie Brosh chronicles many of her difficult days as a child, including living with depression, in her humorous and poignant new book.
  10. Depression: A Scientific Approach – A 7th grader shows an understanding that many people much older don't even have.

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