Turning Suicidal Ideation into Hope

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, NYCPS-P, CPRP | Sep. 11, 2019
"I’ve learned to transform suicidal thinking into thoughts of hope. I can now manage and cope with these thoughts and be empowered by them to help others."

The Unexpected Medical Bill

By Peggy Crandell | Sep. 09, 2019
"There is no cure for grief. But I have learned from others further along in their grief, that with time, you learn to deal with it better."

How to Ask Someone About Suicide

By Sally Spencer-Thomas | Sep. 06, 2019
After losing her brother to suicide, Sally made a commitment to learn more about suicide—especially how to talk openly about it. Here are her best practices for having conversations about suicide. 

I’m Still Here

By Cassandra Hall | Sep. 04, 2019

"Even though I’m still struggling and sometimes seeing my future can be hard, I am determined to live the life I’ve been given."