Presentation Slides and Resources

The 2016 NAMI National Convention offered outstanding workshops, sessions and presentations. Many presenters and speakers have shared their presentations and additional resources on new research, services, policy initiatives, recovery strategies and much more.

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Wednesday, July 6

Advancing Recovery: Transformation: Broad Spectrum Approaches to Promote Recovery and Resilience in Schizophrenia

Advancing Recovery: The Use of Technology as a Tool to Assist People Living with Mental Illness

Convention First-Timers Orientation

Thursday, July 7

Workshop A.2 - Core Peer Competencies Take Center Stage of Integrating Peers in the Mental Health Workforce

Workshop A.3 - Improving Care in Crisis: Should I Go to the ER?

Workshop A.5 - The Power of Partnership: How Collaboration between NAMI and the VA Strengthens Families and Saves Lives

Workshop A.6 - Professionals with Lived Experience of Mental Illness

Workshop A.7 - Restoring Individuals Safely and Effectively (RISE), Colorado's Jail-Based Competency Restoration Program

Workshop A.9 - Show Me the Money! Grant Writing in One Day – No Magic Wand Needed

Workshop A.10 - Strategies for Ending Chronic Homelessness Experienced by People Living with Mental Illness

Workshop A.11 - Weighty Issues with Psychotropic Use in Adolescents and Young Adults

Major Topic Symposia: Cutting Through the Election Noise to #Act4MentalHealth

Major Topic Symposia: Psychological, Social and Spiritual Faith Journeys for Veterans and Military Personnel

Major Topic Symposia: We Can't Wait! The Public Health Imperative for First-Episode Psychosis Programs

Friday, July 8

Research Update - Schizophrenia

Research Update - Bipolar Longitudinal Studies: Impact and Future State

Research Update - Borderline Personality Disorder

Research Update - PTSD

Workshop B.1 - Battle Buddies after Service: The Significance of Peer Support

Workshop B.2 - Crisis as Opportunity: Integrating Peers into Crisis Alternatives in Parachute NYC

Workshop B.3 - Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Adolescents

Workshop B.4 - Family Is Forever: One Family’s Story of Hope through Mental Illness

Workshop B.5 - Findings from a National Survey of Family Caregivers of Adults with Mental Illness

Workshop B.6 - The Mental Health Impact of Violent Tragedies

Workshop B.7 - A NAMI CIT Toolkit: Building a Program and Training Volunteers

Workshop B.8 - A New Generation's Perspective: Generational Shifts and Transformative Change in Mental Health

Workshop B.9 - Stamping out Structural Stigma in the Delivery of Behavioral Health Care Services

Workshop B.10 - When Old Business Becomes New Business!

Workshop B.11 - Working to End Executions of Individuals Living with Mental Illness

How-to Session: H.1 - How to Bring NAMI on Campus to Your Community

How-to Session: H.2 - How to Build Criminal Justice Partnerships with Confidence

How-to Session: H.3 - How to Complete the Re-Affiliation Process

How-to Session: H.5 - How to Develop Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS): the Ins and Outs of “Plan B”

How-to Session: H.7 - How to Help Your Child Handle Stress and Anxiety

How-to Session: H.8 - How to Respond to Survivors of Suicide: Words and Resources

How-to Session: H.9 - How to Tell Your Story and Change the World

How-to Session: H.9 - How to Tell Your Story Worksheet

How-to Session: H.10 - How to Use Service Dogs in Mental Health Recovery

How-to Session: H.11 - How to Use Technology, Social Media and Data Science to Prevent Veteran Suicide

Interfaith Prayer and Share Service

Saturday, July 9

Act. Advocate. Achieve - NAMI Annual Business Meeting

Information, Support and Education Institute

Special Interest and Networking Meeting: Developing Information and Engagement Services for the NAMI Community

Federal Legislative Briefing