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How do you want to fundraise?

There are so many great ways you can fundraise for NAMI. You can plan an event like a bake sale, concert or gala, celebrate a milestone or holiday, remember a loved one's legacy, undertake a physical challenge, or create a brand-new type of fundraiser that's perfect for your unique skills or interests with NAMI DIY!

If you’re not seeing an option that works for the fundraiser you are envisioning, give us a call at 703-516-7970 or email We are here to help you figure out the best way to support NAMI with your unique idea!

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NAMI DIY Fundraising

NAMI relies heavily on contributions from our supporters throughout the country to do our critical work. While not everyone can give, anyone can fundraise. The NAMI Do It Yourself (DIY) Fundraising platform is the perfect way to take initiative and raise money for NAMI.

How to Start a NAMI DIY Fundraiser?

A DIY fundraiser can be anything you want it to be, from bake sales to ping pong tournaments, and anything in between. You can even fundraise completely online by asking your friends and family for support. When you fundraise for NAMI, you’re in charge. The four steps of creating a NAMI DIY event include:

  1. Pick what kind of fundraiser you want from the options above.
  2. Register your fundraising page using NAMI’s personal fundraising platform to support your fundraiser.
  3. Plan ahead: what is your timeline, budget and goals of this fundraiser?
  4. Get your friends, family and community involved and start collecting donations.


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