A great way to get teens excited about your event is to promote it where they are--on social media! Below, please find sample Facebook and Twitter posts to promote your event. Just change the highlighted parts and you're ready to go! And if you love the toolkit, please use the sample posts to promote Say it Out Loud to your networks as well. Don't forget to use #sayitoutloud so we can follow your events!

To Promote Your Event

For Facebook:

Mental health conditions affect one in five teens, and yet very few talk about it. Join NAMI Your City and Girl Scout Troop 192 as we talk about mental health, the warning signs and how to help a friend. We will be meeting next Wednesday, March 4 from 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the basement of Santa Maria parish. We can’t wait to see you!

Everyone has mental health, but talking about it can be uncomfortable. That’s why NAMI has developed Say it Out Loud! Please join us next Saturday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. at the Arlington Park District as we watch a short video about mental health, eat pizza and discuss how to end the silence around mental health conditions.

The best way to end mental health stigma and ensure that everyone gets the services and supports they need is to talk about it! Join NAMI Your City and AKA to Say it Out Loud on May 24 at 7:00 at the Staples Center! We will be watching a short film and discussing mental health conditions. Come to learn about mental health and how to help a friend and stay for the pizza!

Want to connect with other teens in our community and learn about mental health? Join us next Thursday at 6:00 for an engaging conversation that you won’t want to miss! Let’s make it okay to talk about mental health and make new friends in the process!

This week our youth group will focus on mental health and how to help a friend. Join us at our usual time and place to learn about mental health, how to help a friend and how to raise awareness in our community. Remember that there is no health without mental health; let’s care for our whole person and end the silence around mental health!

For Twitter:

#Mentalhealth matters! Join us for a convo about the warning signs and how to help a friend Thurs at 7 in the Parish Hall. #sayitoutloud

We’ve partnered with AKA to have a community convo about teen #mentalhealth. Come to 1106 S State at 7 on 11/4 for pizza and discussion.

Calling all teens! Let’s make it #ok2talk about #mentalhealth. Join us 3/25 at 7 at the Park District for an honest convo and new friends!

1 in 5 teens lives w/ a #mentalhealth condition. Learn the signs and how to help a friend. Come to rm 17 at 4 on 4/15 to #sayitoutloud!

Everyone has #mentalhealth. Learn about yours and how to raise awareness Tuesday at 4 at the Park District. #sayitoutloud

To Help Us Promote Say it Out Loud

For Facebook:

One in five teens lives with a mental health condition, yet very few are comfortable talking about it. Encourage teens to have a discussion about mental health with NAMI’s Say it Out Loud. This toolkit provides you with everything you need to engage in a conversation, including a short film showing the ten common warning signs and three youth sharing their experience, a guide on how to conduct a successful discussion and more. Visit www.nami.org/sayitoutloud  for more information and to download the toolkit today!

Everyone has mental health. Help teens make sure they are watching out for theirs by downloading NAMI’s Say it Out Loud toolkit. We have developed everything you need to lead a meaningful group discussion in your faith-based or community organization. Worried about what to say if a youth comes to you for help? We’ve got you covered! Not sure how to start the discussion? We created a video! Want to share more information with the teens? We’ve included fact sheets! Please visit www.nami.org/sayitoutloud to download the toolkit and make a difference today.

It’s time to end the silence surround mental health. One in five teens lives with a mental health condition and less than half of youth with mental health conditions receive the services they need. Mental health conditions are common and are nothing to be ashamed of. You can make a huge difference in someone’s life by using NAMI’s Say it Out Loud toolkit to facilitate a group discussion with the teens in your faith-based or community organizations. Everything you need to engage them in a thoughtful discussion can be downloaded at www.nami.org/sayitoutloud!

Want to make a difference in the life of a teen? Download NAMI’s Say it Out Loud toolkit to engage the teens in the faith-based and community organizations you work with in a group discussion about why mental health matters and how to recognize the warning signs of a mental health condition. Visit www.nami.org/sayitoutloud to learn more!

For Twitter:

Want to make a difference in the lives of teens? Visit www.nami.org/sayitoutloud to start a discussion about #mentalhealth!

#Mentalhealth matters. Let NAMI help you start a conversation with teens about how important it is. Visit www.nami.org/sayitoutloud

1 in 5 teens lives with a #mentalhealth condition. Start a community conversation & make it #ok2talk about. www.nami.org/sayitoutloud

Help teens #sayitoutloud and talk about #mentalhealth by downloading NAMI’s toolkit to start conversations at www.nami.org/sayitoutloud.

1 conversation can make all the difference. Download NAMI’s toolkit & start a discussion in your community today. www.nami.org/sayitoutloud

#Mentalhealth conditions are common. Teach teens the warning signs and how to #sayitoutloud at www.nami.org/sayitoutloud.

Early intervention saves lives. Visit www.nami.org/sayitoutloud to get teens talking about #mentalhealth and how to help a friend.

You can make a difference for teens in your community. Visit www.nami.org/sayitoutloud to learn how to start a convo about #mentalhealth.

Make sure every teen knows the signs of #mentalhealth conditions by presenting #sayitoutloud in your community! www.nami.org/sayitoutloud.

NAMI made it easy to engage teens in convos about #mentalhealth. Visit www.nami.org/sayitoutloud for all you need to get teens talking!

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