Patient Advocates, Healthcare Groups sue Trump Administration to Preserve Insurance Protections
Posted on Sep 14 2018
Los Angeles Times
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Discusses the lawsuit filed in federal court to overturn the Administration’s recently-issued rule on short-term, limited-duration (STLD) insurance plans. The lead plaintiff is the Association for Community Affiliated Plans, joined by NAMI and the following organizations: AIDS United, American Psychiatric Association, Little Lobbyists, Mental Health America and National Partnership for Women & Families. The new STLD rule dealt a blow to mental health parity by allowing for an expansion of health insurance plans that are not required to cover people with pre-existing conditions or provide coverage for mental health services.

New generation of Asian-American women are fighting to normalize mental health treatment
Posted on Sep 10 2018
Good Morning America

Discusses the stigma in the Asian-American community and while Asian-Americans have a lower reported rate of psychiatric disorders and suicide compared to Caucasians within the U.S., they are three times less likely to seek mental health help, according to a National Latino and Asian American Study. Discussing mental health concerns is “taboo” in a variety of Asian-American communities. As a result, many Asian Americans often dismiss, deny or neglect their symptoms.

Suicide prevention experts: What you say (and don't say) could save a person's life
Posted on Sep 10 2018
USA Today
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Provides a list of risk factors and warning signs to pay attention to and includes NAMI social media content.


Charities Report 67% Growth in Giving to Suicide Prevention
Posted on Sep 05 2018
Charity Navigator Blog
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Highlights NAMI’s 4 star rating and that over the last five years, five of the country’s largest, most respected suicide prevention organizations have reported a 67 percent increase in revenue growth. These funds have been used to provide crisis services and mental health resources, fund research, and launch creative campaigns to reach new, vulnerable audiences. 

California Mulls Guidelines for School Telemental Health Programs
Posted on Sep 04 2018
mHealth Intelligence

California lawmakers have passed a bill to create guidelines for school telehealth programs that focus on telemental health. In Minnesota and Maryland, state agencies are launching pilot programs to bring telehealth into schools. In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott is continuing to lobby for a 40-point plan that includes expansion of the Telemedicine Wellness Intervention Triage and Referral (TWITR) Project, developed at Texas Tech University for the state’s schools.

What Happens When an Algorithm Labels You as Mentally Ill?
Posted on Sep 04 2018
Washington Post

While you might think that your mental health is known only to you, your provider or family, you might be unwittingly revealing it to strangers online. A series of emojis, words, actions or even inactions can communicate how you feel at a given moment and when collected over time, comprise your “socionome” — a digital catalogue of your mental health that is similar to how your genome can provide a picture of your physical health.

Report: More Mental Health Services Would Make Schools Safer
Posted on Aug 27 2018
Associated Press

Discusses a new report  looking into safety threats and security concerns in Pennsylvania schools which says there's a widespread need for better access to mental health services. The task force released the report that recommends expanded use of existing mental health programs and better ways to inform parents and students about what is currently available.

The NBA Needs to Stay out of Its Players’ Mental Health Records
Posted on Aug 27 2018
GrandStand Central
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Looks at a recent development that some NBA owners have been lobbying to get the mental health histories of players included in their medical records.

Criminal Justice Reform as Public Health Intervention
Posted on Aug 24 2018
St. Louis American

Missouri Foundation for Health has formed a new partnership with the City of St. Louis to address criminal justice reform. With support from the foundation, St. Louis is teaming up with FUSE Corp, a national nonprofit, to reduce the city’s jail population by 40 percent over the next five years and substantially improve behavioral health care at the facilities.

Dear Abby: How do you deal with having a mental disorder?
Posted on Aug 23 2018
Chicago Sun-Times
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Discusses the benefit of joining a support group to not feel so isolated and mentions contacting NAMI via website or helpline for more information.