Press Releases

Imagining Robert: My Brother, Madness & Survival
May 10 2002

In 1997, the book struck a nerve with hundreds of thousands of Americans and led to Robert Neugeboren's deinstitutionalization. Five years later, as President George W. Bush launches a Commission on Mental Health to recommend changes in the nation's treatment system for mental illness, Imagining Robert: My Brother, Madness and Survival, is making rounds again as a one-hour documentary.

NAMI Recognizes America's Exemplary Psychiatrists
May 02 2002

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) will honor 46 psychiatrists with its 2002 NAMI Exemplary Psychiatrists Awards during the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia, PA on May 22, 2002.

NAMI Applauds President's Mental Health Commission and Pledge to Pass Full Parity Legislation
Apr 29 2002

Today in New Mexico, President George W. Bush stepped forward and joined NAMI as the nation's voice on mental illness. 

Remarks of President George W. Bush in Support of Insurance Parity
Apr 29 2002

As many Americans know, it is incredibly painful to watch someone you love struggle with an illness that affects their mind and their feelings and their relationships with others. We heard stories today in a roundtable discussion about that -- what the struggle means for family.

NAMI Condemns CBS's 60 Minutes for "Sound Bite Journalism"
Apr 24 2002

On Sunday, April 21, 2002, CBS News' 60 Minutes broadcast a segment, "Dr. Torrey's War," spotlighting sweeping criticism of the National Institute of Mental Health's (NIMH's) scientific research priorities offered by Dr. E. Fuller E. Torrey, a leading expert on schizophrenia.

A Brilliant Madness Airs April 28th
Apr 18 2002

You may have already read the award-winning biography by Sylvia Nasar or seen the Oscar-winning movie produced by Ron Howard. But now it's time to watch the PBS documentary as part of the American Experience history series: A Brilliant Madness: The Story of John Nash.

Los Angeles Times Wins Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing on Homelessness and Mental Illness
Apr 08 2002

Two weeks ago, the movie A Beautiful Mind won the Oscar for "Best Picture." Today, the Los Angeles Times won the Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing for its leadership in addressing issues affecting people with mental illness.

NAMI Board Member Moe Armstrong And Dr. E. Fuller Torrey To Appear On ABC's NIGHTLINE
Mar 22 2002

Barring any unexpected world crisis, NAMI national board member Moe Armstrong and Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, author of Surviving Schizophrenia, are scheduled to be interviewed on ABC's NIGHTLINE on Friday, March 22nd about the movie A Beautiful Mind.

NAMI Establishes Policy Institute to "Drive National Debate on Mental Illness"
Mar 21 2002

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) has established the NAMI Policy Research Institute (NPRI) as part of its campaign to drive national, state, and local debates on reforms and investments in the nation's mental health care system. 

Nami Honors A Beautiful Mind For Year's Most Outstanding Contribution To Public Understanding Of Mental Illness
Mar 19 2002

"NAMI will be proud to give this award to each of them, for making a difference both with the movie and the dialogue that has followed."