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NAMI Announces 2020 Exemplary Psychiatrist Awardees

May 11 2020

Arlington, VA — The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization, released the names of 14 awardees for their annual Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards. The awards program honors the extraordinary contributions that many psychiatrists make to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness.

“NAMI recognizes and thanks those psychiatrists who have gone the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of people with mental illness and those who love them,” said NAMI CEO Daniel H. Gillison, Jr. “Across the country, these clinicians are on the front lines of the mental health movement and we are grateful for all they do for our community.”

To be considered for the 2020 Exemplary Psychiatrist Awards, an individual must have set an example for his or her professional colleagues, as well as provided substantial assistance to their local NAMI State Organization or Affiliate’s activities.

Below are the names of this year’s awardees:

  • Kathryn Cullen, M.D., Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Sandra M. DeJong, M.D., M.Sc., Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Leslie Ruth Dickson, M.D., Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Glenda Wrenn Gordon, M.D., M.S.H.P., Atlanta, Georgia

  • Neil Kaye, M.D., Hockessin, Delaware

  • Carmen Maria McIntyre Leon, M.D., Detroit, Michigan

  • Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, M.D., New York, New York

  • Bruce J. Schwartz, M.D., New York, New York

  • John Simon, M.D., New Brighton, Minnesota

  • Altha J. Stewart, M.D., Memphis, Tennessee

  • Fuller Torrey, M.D., Baltimore, Maryland

  • Robert Trestman, M.D., Ph.D., Lexington, Virginia

  • Sarah Vinson, M.D. Atlanta, Georgia

  • Santharam Yadati, M.D., Manchester, New Hampshire

These clinicians have contributed to NAMI and its mission in ways including:

  • Working alongside NAMI members for access to care, research, funding, or other NAMI priorities,

  • Ensuring that the NAMI perspective helps shape state and local services,

  • Providing comprehensive treatment to people with mental illness including medical, rehabilitative and social needs,

  • Educating family members and/or people with mental illness, and

  • Educating the public and fighting against prejudice and discrimination.

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