Press Releases

NAMI Named Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Organization of the Year
Mar 02 2022

In 2021, NAMIWalks Your Way’s fundraising total was up 31% over 2020, increasing to $13.1 million from $10 million. The 2021 total also outperformed the 2019 NAMIWalks pre-pandemic level of $12.5 million, a fundraising feat accomplished by very few leading programs.

NAMI Applauds President Biden’s Focus on Mental Health in the State of the Union Address
Mar 01 2022

NAMI applauds President Biden for his unprecedented focus on mental health in the State of the Union address, providing the national attention that our ongoing mental health crisis deserves.

NAMI Statement on Rise of State Policies Harming LGBTQI Youth
Feb 24 2022
NAMI strongly opposes any policy or legislation that limits or denies access to medical or mental health care or education based on someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. While there’s a higher prevalence of mental health conditions among LGBTQI youth and adults, only half received the mental health treatment they needed.
NAMI Statement on New Federal Report on Mental Health Parity Enforcement
Jan 25 2022
This report shines a spotlight on the disparities that remain for people affected by mental health conditions, despite the tremendous progress we’ve achieved. NAMI will not rest until we can achieve equitable mental health coverage in all forms of health coverage.
NAMI Poll: Parents Want Mental Health Education in Schools, Mental Health Days Off for Students
Dec 15 2021

NAMI’s poll finds that parents are deeply concerned about their children’s mental health and, importantly, understand the value of mental health awareness and treatment. We encourage parents to seek help for their children if they see signs that concern them.

NAMI Statement on the Decision of FCC to Require Text-to-988
Nov 18 2021

With today’s decision to require providers to support text messaging to 988, the FCC has created a new vehicle for people to access help. The ability to text 988 will support at-risk communities, including youth and young adults, marginalized and underserved populations, and individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.

As Launch of 988 Mental Health Crisis Number Looms, NAMI Poll Finds Broad Support for the System and Fees to Fund It, Opposition to Police Response to Mental Health Crises
Nov 15 2021

“By responding to a mental health crisis with mental health professionals, lives will be saved and people in crisis can get the right care when they need it most,” said Daniel H. Gillison Jr, NAMI CEO.

Young Adults with Mood Disorders Often Not Receiving Mental Health Care, Survey Finds
Oct 07 2021

We commissioned this important survey during the pandemic to get a clearer understanding of how different communities are faring. Younger adults (18–34) experience greater concerns about the judgment and stigma they may experience from seeking out treatment. When they do seek out treatment, they have greater difficulty in accessing affordable, professional care.

Communities of Color Face Greater Challenges Finding Effective Therapy, National Survey Finds
Oct 05 2021

The survey sought to better understand the impact of mood disorders, which include common mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and other kinds of depression. While racial disparities exist across all communities, our survey found that Hispanic and Asian American individuals are facing more significant struggles, including a lack of cultural competency among health care professionals.

This Mental Illness Awareness Week, NAMI Advocates for Increasing Mental Health Care Access
Oct 04 2021

This MIAW, NAMI is highlighting our “Together for Mental Health” campaign, which focuses on the importance of improving the mental health care system. Each day throughout the week (Oct. 3 – 9), we will spread awareness about some of the most common barriers to mental health care people with mental illness face. We will accomplish this by raising the voices of those with lived experience and sharing their compelling stories.