NAMI Sharing Hope: Speaking with African Americans about Mental Health

Lack of information and misconceptions surrounding mental health issues prevent many members of the African American community from getting the help and support they need. NAMI Sharing Hope is an hour-long presentation that can help increase mental health awareness in African American communities by addressing a number of important topics:

  • The signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression
  • How to talk about mental health and decrease stigma
  • An overview of recovery and how it’s possible
  • The types of mental health services and supports available, including NAMI education and support programs

What’s Included in the Presentation?

  • A presenter team made up of at least two individuals–a person living with a mental health condition and a family member of a person with a mental health condition.
  • A scripted 60-minute interactive dialogue centered on the presenters’ personal connections to mental health and journeys to recovery.
  • A handout for presentation audiences, NAMI Sharing Hope: An African American Guide to Mental Health. This educational booklet provides mental health information through personal stories and highlights how and where to find help.
  • Detailed checklists, practice sheets and other materials to help you make community connections and plan a successful presentation.

The tools and resources in NAMI Sharing Hope are all modifiable, so they can be adapted to fit your needs and resources.

How Do I Start NAMI Sharing Hope?

We are currently updating and revising NAMI Sharing Hope. For this reason, we are not giving access to the related materials until it is updated. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at

NAMI Sharing Hope has been adapted for the Latino community. Click here to learn more about NAMI Compartiendo Esperanza, a fully bilingual adaptation of this initiative.