You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Because of the stigma attached to mental illness, it’s often hard for those struggling and their families and friends to talk about what they’re going through. But help is available, and it works.

Find Hope


Teens and young adults who live with mental illness can feel hopeless and alone. But connecting with others who have gone through a similar experience can help provide encouragement.

Speak Up

7 Steps to Tell Your Story

Learn how to tell your story to create impact and drive change. Use the following steps to craft powerful content to inspire others, raise an issue and help your voice be heard.

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Story Practice Sheet

Improve your skills by breaking down your story with this downloadable practice sheet. Talking about mental illness, stigma and recovery can give others hope and give you a voice to create change.

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When I was 26 years old, my symptoms of mental illness caused many problems for me. I started to have emotional problems for the first time and was hospitalized in Texas. One of my darkest moments was when I was having a lot of fear and feeling angry about life. 

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