Mental Health Month: What Can I Do?

APR. 28, 2016

By Luna Greenstein

We are entering one of the most significant awareness events of the year, Mental Health Month. May is a time when the mental health community can spread information, resources and support to new audiences. It’s also a time to increase our advocacy efforts to push for mental health reform and, as a result, improve the mental health system for everyone affected by mental illness.

You may already have a plan for how to get involved during this important time of year. If you aren’t sure what you can do, here are a few steps to help make a difference:

Step 1: Live it

Make this movement a part of your life by pledging to be #stigmafree. The perfect way to kick off Mental Health Month is to committing to educate yourself and others, see the person and not the illness and to take action on mental health issues.

Step 2: Share it

Now that you are living the stigmafree life, let your networks know. An effective way to spread awareness is through sharing inspirational posts on social media. Tell your Facebook friends that you took the pledge and encourage them to do the same. Tweet and motivate your followers to learn more about mental health. Take an insta of you sporting your favorite green outfit in support of mental health reform. Share your mental health journey on one of NAMI’s tumblr accounts, You Are Not Alone and Ok2Talk. If you aren’t sure what to post, check out these sample tweets and messages. Remember to use #stigmafree and #MentalHealthMonth in your posts.

Step 3: Show it

A valuable way to show your support for this movement is to advocate for improvements in the mental health system. We have a historic opportunity this May to encourage the U.S. Senate to vote yes for mental health care reform legislation. The Mental Health Reform Act of 2016 has the ability to improve mental health services and supports, prioritize early intervention and identification, and enforce federal parity for mental health. So email, tweet or call your senators to get this legislation passed. You can be a leader in the mental health movement, and we are here to help you.

Step 4: Give back

NAMI’s priority is to educate and support those affected by mental health conditions, advocate for a better, more equitable health system, and to spread mental health awareness. These goals will make the world a better place for those who live with mental illness and their families. We can’t do this without the help of our friends. Please consider giving us a gift that will allow us to continue making a difference. We appreciate your support in helping us grow this movement. 


MAY, 13, 2016 09:32:56 AM
Praying for Sharon and her daughter.

MAY, 12, 2016 02:37:22 PM
Ashia Johnson
I am a parent of a teenage male who was diagnosed with PTSD. He is doing well and is seeing a therapist once a week. I would like to know what can be done to help him stay on a positive track.

MAY, 12, 2016 02:14:39 PM
Miss Petra Nicole Jurkovic
I shared candle warmers etc. posts on my page... Good luck fund raising! Maybe that will help! We care.

MAY, 03, 2016 06:54:34 PM
Lanora Jones
I lost my son Dec 16th 2015 he shot and killed himself he suffered with Bipolar depression and ADHD and terete syndrome anger issues he was only 21 he was feeling like he was not worthy to live unloved and lonely, I to suffer with Bipolar depression anxiety panic attacks overwhelming fear and stress and heartache. I am doing something positive to help bring more awareness to the suicide rate with the young people, and mental illness I want people to start paying attention to the signs and warnings and to reach out to help us. I want more awareness on TV and the radio and billboard signs. And I know that the awareness will be brought through these avenues if we all stand together and push for it.

MAY, 01, 2016 05:25:52 PM
Sharon Wertz
My daughter attempted suicide 4/13/16 by jumping off the 4th floor parking garage at carilion Hospital in roanoke, va. She remains in critical condition in neuro trauma unit. She has already endured 8 surgeries. She lost her left eye and left leg. She had told her psychiatrist 11/2 hours prior to jumping she was suicidal. God please help our country fight mental illness. God bless.

APR, 29, 2016 04:59:17 PM
Christina Cline
Go NAMI! Your doing great work I find lots of hope thru you.

APR, 29, 2016 12:47:28 AM
Sandy DeWitt
looking foward to May and all the ideas people come up with

APR, 28, 2016 06:55:10 PM
Ella Emerson
Wondering why NAMI isn't found on Social Media??? This would be the way to help those struggling and at the same time reduce the Stigma...Be free NAMI 😍Ella in Paducah

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